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NAMA’s online course, “Selling Convenience Services: Sales Rep Edition,” will elevate your sales team to elite status. Written and narrated by industry sales expert, Bob Tullio, this fully interactive course will inspire your sales team to perform at the highest possible level.
Key Point: Tullio wrote this course based on proven strategies from nearly four decades of selling convenience services.

For sales managers, business owners and operators who are engaged in front line selling, “Selling Convenience Services: Management Edition” provides two additional chapters on maximizing the performance of your sales reps and will serve as a business development playbook for your team.


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For Editors and Publishers: Bob Tullio delivers compelling feature stories, business columns, and quality, in-depth reporting.

For Businesses: tullioB2B provides solid support in three often-neglected areas: business development, communications, and strategic planning. The focus is clear: Improving client relationships, sharpening your image, generating profitable sales, and keeping your company one step ahead of the competition.

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